Canadian Pyro Sponsers

Please welcome our newest sponser at Canadian Pyro, Muskoka Fireworks!. Contact them for Professional fireworks products to your 1.4 Consumer Fireworks.

Muskoka Fireworks are a group of Professional shooters in the Canadian fireworks industry brought together for our love of fireworks. Selling our favourite products was the next logical step. There mission is to offer quality firework products at a competitive price. Feel free to browse over 550 Consumer products in our online store. We also offer Display products, Fuse, Ematches and Equipment - Email them today!!!

Please contact them at [email protected] or click the banner to visit there website


Please welcome our sponser at Canadian Pyro, Supernova Fireworks!. Contact them for your 1.3 Professional fireworks product to your 1.4 Consumer Fireworks.

Supernova Fireworks is one Ontario's leaders in consumer fireworks! With over 520 tested, certified and proven products to choose from we will make sure your show will be the best in the neighborhood! You can shop with peace of mind using our quick Paypal services! With two warehouses accross Canada we can ship to anywhere, anytime. Simply select the products you would like to buy and send your order to us! From there we will confirm inventory where you may choose to pay securely with Paypal, Visa or MasterCard!

Please contact them at [email protected] or click the banner to visit there website.


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